Relief of Meri-re


In the upper register Meri-re and his wife Baket-amun are shown adoring Osiris, who is enthroned inside a chapel. For this, they have amassed a pile of offerings among which are many flower bouquets. Above the couple is an inscription reading: "Adoration of (the sun god) Re-Harakhty and of Osiris. May he grant a funerary offering of all good and pure things to the overseer of the royal tutors, the royal scribe of the Lord of the Two Lands, the manager of the estates of the good god (= the Pharaoh) and overseer of the treasury, Meri-re and the mistress of the house, [Baket-amun]". The legend next to the figure of Osiris reads: "Osiris, the great god, the ruler of the Ennead of gods, may he grant joy at the 'Place of Truth' (in the hereafter)". The lower register is a representation of the adoration of the sun god by the overseer of the treasury.
The human figures have been represented dressed according to the elegant fashion of their time with extravagant wigs and translucent pleated garments. The lady is wearing an unguent cone on her head.
For a long time the tomb of Meri-re was considered to be lost. A few years ago it was rediscovered by Alain-Pierre Zivie, who has provided the following information. In the first phase, the walls were decorated with paintings, and in the second phase the walls were covered with limestone slabs which received reliefs and inscriptions.

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Adoration of Re, when he rises in the eastern horizon of heaven, by the Prince and Nomarch, Meri-re.
He says: Greetings to you, Re-Atum. I am one of those whom you have created on earth, whom you have fashioned out of earth, whom you have made among the elite of mankind, whom you have singled out among the people of the entire land.
May you execute your command and have my Ka appear in front of you, so that I will follow your Ka in the Mesektet bark (the ship of the evening sun) and be among the crew of the Me'andjet bark (the ship of the morning sun).
When you set as a living one, I will be among them and my place will be among their number. Because I am one who praises the god ...
I am a servant of my lord. I belong to the ship's crew of the acclaimed one who live in Maat. (I am one), who will acquire a [proper] burial, [without] a sin; one who has done useful things for the king without any kind of contempt on my part; one who loves Maat ...