Sun temple

Sun temple.jpg

During the 5th Dynasty, several kings built temples for the sun god Re. At least six temples are known to have been built, by kings Userkaf, Sahure, Neferirkare, Neferefre, Nyuserre and Menkauhor. Nevertheless, only two have been found, Nyuserre's at Abu Ghurab (his pyramid is at Abu Sir, about 1,500 m south) and Userkaf's at Abu Sir (his pyramid is at Saqqara, about 5 km to the south). The sun temple of Abu Ghurab is the best preserved. It consisted of a large courtyard in which was a platform on top of which was a construction rather like a wide obelisk. In front of this was a large altar. Further, there were slaughterhouses and storage areas. Just like a pyramid, the sun temple also had its own valley temple and processional way. To the south of the construction was a solar bark, entirely of mudbrick. The decorations in the corridors and rooms of the temple showed the three seasons of the Egyptian calendar, the foundation and dedication of the temple, and the king's Sed festival.