Sethos I

Sethos I.gif

Second king of the 19th Dynasty, the son of Ramesses I. During the latter's short reign, Sethos functioned as deputy and vizier, and (perhaps) as co-regent. When Sethos (his name indicates a special veneration for the god Seth at this period) became king, he quickly undertook an expedition to Palestine and shortly after retook the city of Kadesh. His main enemies there were the Hittites, and on the western borders of the Egyptian Empire the first problems with the Libyan tribes began to manifest themselves. Sethos undertook many building projects, including in the temple of Karnak. His tomb in the Valley of the Kings is the largest of all the tombs there. In Abydos he also built a cenotaph and a temple. The most famous king list is carved here, a summary of 76 kings of Egypt, starting with King Menes and ending with Sethos himself. It omits some kings in the Intermediate Periods, as well as any kings whose rule was not considered legal, for example Hatshepsut and the kings of the Amarna period, Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, Semenekhkare, Tutankhamun and Ay. Sethos was succeeded by his son Ramesses II. Sethos's mummy was discovered in the Deir el-Bahari cachette, where it had been placed by priests in the 3rd Intermediate Period after the tombs in the Valley of the Kings had been officially cleared by order of the government.