Egyptian goddess, member of the Theban triad in which she is the wife of Amun and the mother of Khons. Her most important cult centre was the temple of Karnak. Her role is above all that of the divine mother, comparable with the roles of Isis and Hathor. The ruling pharaoh was often introduced as her son. Many representations, particularly in the form of amulets, show the goddess suckling her son. But like many gods and goddesses, Mut also had another, more aggressive, side, showing many similarities with Sekhmet and Tefnut. All three goddesses were seen as bloodthirsty lionesses and associated with the eye of the sun god, a fire-spitting creature who devours her enemies. Mut is usually dipicted in human form with a vulture headdress on her head and often with the double crown (sometimes the white crown). In addition, there are many representations of the goddess with the head of a lioness.