Term used to refer to one of the five names of the king, namely the so-called 'Son of Re' name. It is the only name which the future king was given at birth and it is by this name that we usually refer to the king. Well-known kings' names such as Amenhotep, Tutankhamun and Ramesses are examples of the 'nomen'. Of the other king's names, the 'King of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt' name or 'prenomen', was the most important name for the Egyptians, however. The king acquired this name at his coronation and it sometimes provides insight into his plans or ideology. Both names were written in cartouches. When the names of a king are listed, the 'nomen' is always the last to be mentioned. The first king to bear the title 'Son of Re' was Djedefre, a son of Khufu (4th Dynasty).