Town in the south east of the Faiyum where the pyramid of Amenemhet III is located. Its mortuary temple is situated just to the south of it but is almost completely vanished. This temple was called the Labyrinth by classical authors. Herodotus, who visited the temple, describes it as a building with 3,000 rooms, linked with each other by crooked corridors. The crocodile god Sobek was worshipped in many places in the Faiyum. The mortuary temple here was not only a cult centre for the deceased king, but also for Sobek. Nearby are various cemeteries for crocodile mummies. It has been suggested that the name Hawwara refers to ancient Egyptian Hutweret 'the great house', referring to a temple of Sobek. A cemetery from Roman times has been found nearby, where many of the so-called Faiyum portraits were found.